Welcome to Streamix!

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies are gradually making itself into our lives. Let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you got paid for posting images and/or streaming videos on social media? If you’re like most people, you would’ve answered — never.

Here’s an idea worth considering. Imagine being able to earn cryptocurrencies for posting content or streaming videos.

At Streamix, we’re going to offer you this creative platform, while rewarding you for your efforts via our crypto exchange & Xirklebot multi-coin wallet.

At Streamix we are building a Social Media, P2P crypto exchange which will let people chat, post images, post videos, trade crypto, and earn free crypto as rewards at the same time. Streamix (MIX) crypto token was created based on Stellar (XLM) protocol. With Streamix, you will be able earn our MIX crypto token as rewards while trading and socializing. You can use the rewarded crypto tokens on our platform, or any affiliated platforms to make purchases and get discounts.